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The Elgg site registry introduces you Elgg sites from all around the world. The examples aim to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the Elgg framework.

All members of the community are free to add their own Elgg site to the registry.

  • MoneyPati


    This is public community site for Investors mainly focused on India. Here we share tips and tricks about Investing your Money Effectively and beat Inflation. There is old proverb that Money makes money. But that is possible only with smart money...
  • UAS Connect Elgg Network

    UAS Connect Elgg Network

    University of Alaska Southeast (UAS Connect is an interactive network designed to engage students, connect faculty, and expand UAS's reach with a suite of tools for the online classroom.   Features...
  • Civ.Works


    Civ.Works is a custom civil engagement tool /political action network / progressive collective. It empowers you to find, discuss and take action on the issues most important to you. The platform provides guidance on how to make tangible moves...
  • ScienceVine - STEM Literacy Tool

    ScienceVine - STEM Literacy Tool

    ScienceVine is a digital science literacy tool, created to explore the potential for self-measured scientific experimentation and learning. The platform allows users to apply scientific methodologies to everyday projects in a gamified...
  • howdy


    Howdy is a social network that has alot of functions. It allows for easy communication with users, a provision for uploading of youtube videos. It also allows users to auction, buy, dash out their items on the howdy market where users can buy items...
  • CBMS


    Communication & Business Management System I worked on this project (Idea) about 7 years. this project is useful for all business management . Thanks elgg Team. Regards Sadra borzouei    
  • Smile Connect

    Smile Connect

    A social network for people over 50. Features a custom theme developed for people with impaired vision, as well as an events calendar, messaging, geocentric search capabilities.
  • Nina Sophie

    Nina Sophie

    Custom-built artist portfolio that leverages Elgg's backend and file handling capabilities.
  • Charla Barron LMT

    Charla Barron LMT

    Website built for Massage therapist.  Includes vCita online scheduler.
  • SocialApparatus


    My main website, built with Elgg.

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