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Post Wall offers you a public space to introduce yourself to fellow users.

This is a full Twitter Elgg Clone Template with main features including:

  • News Feed
  • User Timeline
  • Social Login
  • Follow System
  • Profile and Cover Picture
  • User and Post Privacy
  • User Profile Info
  • Groups
  • Notifications
  • #Hashtags
  • @Mentions
  • Likes
  • Reposts, Comments & Replies
  • Direct messages
  • Geopositions in posts
  • Auto-crossposting on Facebook and Twitter
  • Opengraph - Twitter - meta tags
  • Full AJAXed site

and much more…

Fully responsive for all devices, browsers.

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Created by subterraneanwebZ dev lab and based on plugins by hypeJunction (all thanks goes to Ismayil Khayredinov)


Nikolai Shcherbin

Founder, CEO, Product Manager, Lead Developer at Platform for Social Apps :: :: Elgg on Telegram

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