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If different is what your type is, intoWiRE will definitely worth being into, it’s a new face of G networking, G the new face of youth and career. G IS GANG, G is GAMING, G now is more than just having fun. GAMES can make you learn, GAMES can make you earn and all that with sharing your love towards them. To click the joy of being at the top, to like the thought of losing a fair fight, to comment that makes a difference.

intoWiRE now brings all that to you, to explore more you really have to dive in, you really have to get into the wire. When you think you get in, it’s just a beginning to the glory we promise to you.

We don’t want you to fill in big forms, we don’t want to collect useless data, just get in using your existing FACEBOOK, GOOGLE or TWITTER account. If you don’t have these you are most welcome to use our hassle free 2minute Maggie registration.

When you think you are in then we say not alone. The first thing you should do to take a stand in the competitive arena of Gaming is to build a GanG. Be a GanG lead and fight of all other to reach the top and be the best and all this with FUN, LEARN and EARN.