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'Gamification' is the process of creating games out of dull content or repetitive tasks to ensure the player (employee) remains engaged and productive with the content.  

NTT Data developed 5 games which span across mobile, tablet and desktop environments to address this trend within the enterprise market to improve productivity.

Elgg was the application framework utilised for this PHP MVC application. The requirements were investigated  for the functionality within the Elgg platform.  

There was a leadership game which was only available on desktop and tablets. a set of plugins was developed allowing for the creation of a series of questions types from multiple choice to fill in the blanks.  The answers can be graded on difficulty and assigned points. This leadership game was themed with a samurai front end.

In addition to this a spy game was implemented for mobile devices which also made use of the question plugins.  In order to integrate this game into the Elgg framework 'PhoneGap' was used along with JavaScript and SOAP web services. 

The development infrastructure implemented was a LAMP application stack with automatic GIT version control to cloud based web servers.