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Girl Guides wanted to stay relevant in the digital age and were aware of the rapid adoption social media platforms by young people.  A social media platform called iGGi provides a way for young people to be introduced to social media.  The iGGi platform allows young women to learn about social media in a safe and secure environment.  

The website created a virtual gateway and online environment to the Girl Guide activities and guiding principles.

Elgg was used for the application engine for the iGGi website. Through investigation it was found that the stakeholders required  the use of wiki, blogs, Twitter and Facebook functionality as well as  being able toachieve badges and track progress against these badges together with web based games.   

The iGGi application made use of a cloud hosting environment so all development code was uploaded to a GIT version system and then automatically distributed to the UAT and LIVE web servers.  

In order to meet the all the requirements for iGGi a number of custom plugins were developed. One was created for all the game elements within iGGi, which included a
point system for interacting within iGGi these points can then be exchanged for badges which are displayed to other users.  

Another custom plugin created was for the ability for a guide to choose any badge within the Australian guide program, state which tasks they will undertake  and record their progress against the badge.  Finally the guide can submit the badge for assessment by a guide leader.