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RobiVox is built as an enterprise social network for the employees of Robidus. Robidus is a B2B company which specializes in reimbursement of unclaimed insurance policies and social security.

The new functionality includes:

- Special roles for managers. Managers are allowed to create groups and can control access to underlying file system.

- Microsoft ADS integration. Login and create accounts. Integration of ADS groups to Ellg, giving managers control over who has access to what. Users joining a group will also joining the AD group and inherit rights from it.

- Filesystem integration. Using webdav, all files are linked to Elgg. Users can directly search and open files directly from the website and save them (no up or download buttons). Managing folders is also part of this integration

- Media. Users can search and share Youtube videos and playlists. Easy integrate of existing local videos to share with colleagues. Videos can also be played in river activity and embedded in blogs and pages. Copy/paste photo's and images in any content.

- Webcam photo. Use a webcam or your mobile to take a photo and save it as avatar or in photo albums.

- Tasks. Tasks can be delegated to colleagues and reminders sent for unfinished tasks.

- Jobs. Managers can create jobs and existing jobs can be automatically loaded in RobiVox using XML.

- Proxy. Built an application proxy plugin to support outbound API calls from the server.


The mentioned website in this show case is used for new development and has no real life users or content.