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Editor: La mie Câline
Contacts: Christophe Bartheau- Project manager/ Olivier Dutel – Technical
executive manager

La Mie Câline is a French sandwich and fast food stores chain founded in 1985.
The company manages a 200 stores network in France, 3 stores in Spain and one
in Belgium.
The social intranet project in La Mie Câline concerns every single worker in the
headquarters and the also all the franchisees which represent approximately
2 000 members. It is sponsored by the vice CEO and led by an ideal team
composed by the IT, HR, and communication teams.

“C@linosphere” includes advanced functionalities:
· A precise geographical mapping of members and stores.
· Directory of the stores (updated automatically).
· Internal job boards.
· Internal ads.
· Trainings catalogue.
· A direct access to the franchisee’s knowledge basis.
· Offices files online edition and directories management.
· Ideas laboratory (A platform where anyone can submit ideas and vote for
others ideas).

Support provided
· Consulting.
· Internal communication.
· Communication mediums (videos, animations…).
· Team project training.
· Help mediums (quick learnings, FAQ, tutorials).
· Contents and scenarios for members’ trainings.
· Community management trainings.
· Participative innovation process management.
· Project leader and management team support.