A social site for staff, students and friends of Athabasaca University, Canada's open university

Features many custom collaborative tools developed specifically for the landing and released here for the Elgg community.

Features include

  • Anonymous comments and moderation
  • RSS import to blogs/pages/bookmarks
  • Pinboards - a highly configurable portfolio display
  • Comment subscriptions
  • Highly configurable widgets
  • Tabbed profiles with access controls
  • LDAP single sign-on integration

Technology used:

Elgg 1.8


  • Out of curiosity, how many users are registered within your Elgg site?  I'm researching scalability of the Elgg software for my organization and would be interested to know how many are active on your network!

  • I haven't been on that project for over a year now so I don't really know.

    Best person to ask is @jondron - http://community.elgg.org/profile/jondron as he's running it

  • 6300, of whom over half are active.


  • From looking at this and a few other elgg sites it seems that elgg may be well suited to creating a social network environment on a school intranet.

    I am currently undertaking a course in online teaching but some ofmy fellow participants are in institutions with strict policies regarding use (or rather non-use) of GSM/LTE connected smart devices. It occurred to me that deploying wifi-only smart devices on a local intranet supported by an elgg installation could provide a safe, secure social networking experience that might meet the institution standards.

    Your opinion and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Beckett

I'm a self-employed web developer, family man, nerd, scuba diver. Manager/maintainer of this elgg community site, and core Elgg development team member.

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