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The Key Club (Avainklubi) is an online social network that offers every Finn a way to create ideas and develop products as well as to participate in the product development of many companies. The purpose of the Key Club is to turn everyday ideas into successful products and employment opportunities.

For the enterprises participating in the Key Club, the service gives a way to openly interact with enthusiastic consumers to develop better products. Furthermore, the Key Club works as a forum for mutual learning where enterprises can openly discuss ways to use social media.

Technical details:

  • Elgg 1.8
  • Integration with Surveypal survey tool
  • Separate user subtype for company representatives
  • Multiple ways to interact with the ideas
    • Voting
    • Commenting
    • Adding "sub ideas"
    • Suggesting a new product straight for a company
    • Company reviews
    • Idea challenges
  • Many other highly customized features


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