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Cubview 3.0


Rearchitect Cubview 3 from the ground up based on research, analysis and lessons learned from its first 2 years of production use.

We re-architected the Cubview v3 from the ground up, leveraging components that worked from v2 and adding new components and integrations based on feedback and research from Cubview's two years in production. 

Our main focus was on making Cubview more relevant to the classroom. For teachers, that involved designing a UI that allows them to create and organize a semester's worth of engaging lesson content in under 5 minutes, with a suite of tools to track student's progress and participation. 

For students that meant reducing a lot of the irrelevant "noise" from Cubview 2 -- features like status updates and global wall feeds got the axe. Our research told us that student's weren't interested in using the more generic social networking features of the platform. They wanted to get in, check for upcoming assignments, read their lessons, turn-in assignments, ask other students or their teachers for help with assignments, and get out. We found that a lot of students didn't want to be bothered with even logging in to the site to turn in assignments, so we devleoped a custom email engine that allows them to reply to an assignment notification and attach their assignment. 

Functionality includes:

  • LDAP Integration: We integrated Elgg with Loyola's LDAP controller for authentication and to seed student profiles with information from the directory.
  • Google Apps API Integration: We rolled a complete Google Apps integration, leveraging Drive for all file storage, Gmail for messaging, GCal for calendaring and much more.
  • Classline: The Classline is an in invention of our own devising. It's essentially a jQuery based UI for creating and organizing course outlines, which involves adding and embedding lesson content from Google Apps and scheduling assignments. The output of the classline becomes the left navigation for classes within the site, with content organized chronologically OR logically.
  • Assignment Turn-Ins via Email: We developed a custom procmail engine that allows students to turn in an assignment by responding to an assignment notification from the system with their turn-in attached.
  • Student and Teacher 1 on 1: The 1-1 is a private conversation between student and teacher within the context of a class.
  • Adaptive Framework: Instead of developing a full-blown mobile application, we integrated an adaptive HTML5 framework called Developr on top of Elgg's themeing engine. This allows all of our views to gracefully (and beautifully) degrade based on the resolution of the viewing device.

LAMP, Elgg, jQuery UI, Google Apps, Developr

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