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An evolving social networking environment that is designed to assist us to balance our energy while increasing our levels of awareness, integrity & love. here we can provide support to one another while applying our abilities to solve our challenges and help heal each other & the planet that we commonly choose to label as 'earth'!

Common topics include:

  • permaculture (how to live in balance and harmony with earth)
  • holistic healing
  • open hearted science
  • cosmic interactions
  • uncovering denied truth
  • the practicalities of compassion, balance and evolution is a non commercial community and is advert free.

  • thanks michele! i am finding that the mind/brain/eyes of some people are setup to prefer light on dark and some prefer the inverse. i prefer not staring at a light bulb for hours, so i always use dark themes.. i even use the 'stylish' browser plugin to convert other websites to a dark theme (e.g. big social sites that have white themes).
    in any case, i'm glad you appreciate the new theme - i put a lot of hours into it!

  • yes, white = height, black = lack. the lies are heavily encoded into reality. =/

ura soul

co-creator of reality - admin of an online social network for healing, balancing & evolving.. plus maker of some free plugins for elgg

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