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Healthost is a medtech startup focused on building a tool for hospitals, providers and general users to help with patient care. Their application aims to be the first to combine social networking with patient care. 

  • LOVE, Love, Love your site! Beautiful! The home page is stunning, love how you clearly articulate the benefits of joining, with the little graphics, but it's not busy at all. Love how clean the pages are inside. Good idea with the pop-up ad urging me to sign up. But MOST of all I LOVE that footer with the contact form and "Easy Links" and the Facebook & Twitter & RSS buttons! Well done!

  • I noticed that you are not using the popup between pages anymore. What was your experience? Did people complain or just not sign up? Did signups increase when you took it out? If you have a chance to share I would love to hear! Thanks.

    ~ S

  • The client wanted to have the focus more on the content of the site than the membership, so they are allowing browsing of health topics without the in-your-face signup overlay

  • Good to know -- thank you! 

    (Note to self-- no overlay!;)

  • Hello,

    Very nice looking site, your hard work shows.

    I'm brand new to elgg, just installed 1.9.7 and noticed you have the option to connect with Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. I didn't find a plugin for 1.9 providing that so it that a plugin for 1.8 or one you custom created?



  • Thank you Dan. We haven't had the chance to port a lot of our plugins to 1.9, but we'll let you know when we do. You can always fast-track the process by hiring us to do so! :)

  • Y ese tema como puedo obtenerlo?. Del color morado y tipo facebook cmo esta en la imagen


    Estoy dispuesto a Comprarlo!

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