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  • Blog Video Cover [3.x]

    By Pranjal Pandey
    Note : This is an updated version of @Cim 's plugin ( ). Original credit for this plugin idea goes to Cim ( ) However this plugin brings the following...
  • YouTube Clone for Elgg

    By Tom
    The 7th Day Tube is the best YouTube Clone Script, a free web solution to build your own video sharing site based on Elgg engine. Whether you need an Elgg Website for video blogging, video tutorials and lessons or any sort of viral video...
  • Here is an easy and responsive way to integrate a video into your homepage

    By Basti Schmidt in the group Beginning Developers
    Some people asked in the LANDR plugin discussion how to integrate a video into the homepage..Here is an easy and responsive way to do so: 1. Upload your video to youtube & copy the embed code from there 2. add this somewhere in your...
  • LycaVideos

    By Lycaweb
    -This plugin detects all video urls posted from thewire or activity, it's compatible with RiverAdon and takes the video URL to create a new video object, using the url as title, the text of the post as video description and the #tags...
  • Blog Video Cover

    By Cim
    A simple, responsive, and lightweight (11kb zipped) plugin to enable users to have video covers for their blogs. Thumbnails are never uploaded to your server, generated on the fly using video provider's API. This plugin uses extended views so...
  • [Elgg 1.8-1.12 & 2.X & 3.X: iZAP Videos - revised edition by iionly]

    By iionly
    Video plugin for Elgg. Supports addition of both on-server and off-server videos. This version of the iZAP Videos plugin is based on version 3.71b of the original iZAP Videos plugin for Elgg 1.7 developed and released by iZAP Web Solutions. This...
  • YouTube

    General Info Flash-based powerful YouTube browser. Different browsing modes Application works in 4 modes: Browser has several categories and subcategories with many videos within; Search allows you to search for videos by tags or...
  • YouTube TV

    By Nikolai Shcherbin
    Features * Library Independent* Customizable via CSS* Autoplay* Remove YouTube Chrome* Supports Playlists and Users* jQuery Support* Module Support
  • NOT Watching embedded Youtube videos

    By Selen in the group General Discussion
    Hello, We have this 'Dear Leader' who is a present to us by rogue states of USA and EU. He came into power with their great support. And made them very happy for many years. But after more than 10 years on, he seems to have past "Best before" date...
  • video

    By Alex_Vy