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  • Shane Atlas

    Co-Founder of Elgg Jobs! Elgg Plugins, Elgg Hosting, Elgg Themes Everything from Job listings to plugins is FREE. ElggExchange is a moderated marketplace for extending and enhancing core elgg functionality...
  • Ervan Erfian

    I'm worked with my clients, partners and colleagues from Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, UK & USA to deliver unique solutions for their specific needs, specialization for PSD 2 XHTML & CSS, Flash, Web Design & Development.
  • Darkeo Theme for elgg 1.8

    By Tomaw
    This theme is GPL, you are free to do whatever you want with it. W3C validated CSS 2.1 file Fixed width Support all default Elgg mods Elgg 1.8 version logo psd If you would like to thank me, you can buy me a beer right here...
  • XHTML guideline discussion: Part 1

    By Cash in the group Feedback and Planning
    As has been discussed on the community site, Elgg's XHTML, CSS, and UI could definitely be improved. As a starting place, I'd like to start a discussion on a guideline for XHTML. This guideline would be followed by core developers and serve as a...
  • Elgg and invalid XHTML

    By Andras Szepeshazi in the group General Discussion
    Elgg, at it's latest stable version, does not produce valid XHTML code by default. To check it, just go to , enter this website's address ( and you'll see that just on the main page there are 35 or...