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  • Selected members to groups - without re-registration

    By Phillip in the group General Discussion
    I'll like the administrator to be able to:*Search among already registered members by their Interests, *Grap these together (with the other metadata) and *Add them the selected members to a newly registered Group (e.g., a sub-group). I guess:it'll...
  • SMS functions enabled

    By westor in the group Plugin Development
    I released a new version of my plugin Westors Elgg Manager. This plugin is helpful for admins and for normal users. A comfortable AJAX interface helps to manage users, friends, external contacts, groups and messages. One can...
  • Westors Elgg Manager

    By westor
    This is a omfortable RIA (Rich Internet Application) interface for various functions. Users can view and edit external contacts, send e-mails, manage their friends and groups. Admins can manage Elgg users, groups, bulk messages. SMS coming...
  • planned SMS functionality

    By westor in the group General Discussion
    Hi all, my name is torsten, living in germany. Last week I released the Westors Elgg Manager plugin with a comfortable AJAX user interface to manage users friends, groups, messages (ahhh! messages, so it can be extended to SMS??? YES!). The...