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  • cranca

    El monje fumeta... Aqui con el manyenu que me pillo el fotero, si es quee... vaya cara de aceporrine que gasto! Diooooos!
    Tags: musica, web
  • Pierre-Étienne Vachon

    I am an entrepreneur who mostly specialises in technology and nutrition. I am very thankfull to the Elgg people who allowed me to put together a community against junk food and promoting healthy eating habits. You are more than welcome to visit and join us. By the way it is also a very good way t...
    Tags: food, cooking, web, technology, telemark
  • DF-Digital

    Digital Dreams Factory, is a young company. Our research and development objectives of platforms and applications software, and incubation of new projects related to development of information society and electronic commerce. We are a company of professionals with extensive experience in the fie...
    Tags: html, symfony, e-commerce, software, PHP, web
  • Guy Nirpaz

    Software executive, thrilled by social networks and context driven interactions.
    Tags: web, software
  • Plamen Vatev

    Tags: Computers, PHP, mysql, Internet, web, Linux, ubuntu, social networking, optometry, medicine
  • Tony Silveira

    I am a Canadian Web Developer. My Company does all kinds of websites but I am new to Elgg.
    Tags: web, music, movies
  • Diezko

    Hola soy Diego.
    Tags: web, futbol, peliculas y minas
  • jay8

    Tags: Video Games, web, high-tech
  • melonchin

    Tags: web, design, themes, etc...
  • 10GO

    Tags: web