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  • VideoWhisper Social Connect

    By videowhisper
    This plugin enables users to connect their Facebook and Twitter account to Elgg: enables Elgg registration and login with Twitter and/or Facebook. Also publishes their activity from VideoWhisper video chat plugins to their social network...
  • MegaProfile2

    By mariano
    este es un perfil similar a facebook   version 2: Ahora los usuarios pueden comentar en el muro de sus amigos enviar estados con ajax mejora en la seguridad de los perfiles  
  • Flipwall for 1.8

    By 13net
    This plugin provides a view called 'output/flipwall'. Take a look at 'pages/phloor_flipwall/example.php' to see how its used.You can specify the 'front' and the 'back' of the flip-entry. .so you can use it for anything you want to display. I have...
  • Write on wall

    By BEN in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Can i write messages each users wall seperatly like facebook? In which plugin i want to use...? I mean like "send a Private message to each user" IAM USING elgg 1.7.11
  • Facebook Service

    By Fernando Vega
    In the Direction of Information Technology at the University of Guanajuato ( developed a plugin to integrate our social network to facebook. This plugin es based in twitterservice plugin, for the moment is designed to publish post...
  • Lanzamiento Floops estable 4.0

    By mariano
    Los invito a probar mi red social floops por favor diganme que les parece el diseño y la velocidad desde ya muchas gracias  pueden visitar escritorio   perfil
  • Doubt about Elgg options

    By Takhishis in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi   We a re a company who want to start to develop with elgg, and right now, a Elgg project has arrived to us, but this project has some technical issues that we need to be sure Elgg it's ablr to do before start. The requeriments of our...
  • 3-column Wall-style profile

    By RPGRealms in the group Plugin Development
    Any plugin developers care to tinker on a project with me? I'm working on a new profile view that is 3-column and acts and appears much more like the Facebook profile views. I've posted a screenshot of the current version I'm playing with over at...
  • Comment Box

    By Sam
    A VERY simple widget based entirely on's universal comment box so all credit goes entirely to them. It is the first widget I have ever done, simpler than 'helloworld' tbh as it is just embedding a simple code. Didn't really intend on...
  • Share status like Facebook + Wall

    By Krist in the group General Discussion
    Anyone.. please help me.. What plugin can Share status like Facebook + Wall? Thx before