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  • Add a topBar when a user is logout ?

    By Stéphane C. in the group Beginning Developers
    I want to add a topbar when a user is logout ? So I decided to override the default topbar file. It seems to be working. I can write a text in a blank topbar and put a css style ! Is it a wrong way ? <?php/** * Elgg topbar * The standard elgg...
  • elgg_topbar.php

    By steven
    <?php    /**     * Elgg top toolbar     * The standard elgg top toolbar modified to alway visible     *      * ++++ Pfad: ..../views/default/page_elements/  ...
  • Elgg Topbar always visible

    By steven in the group Plugin Development
    ahoi,   i´d like to have the topbar always visible [dashboard, tools, search, logIN] or [profile pic, dashboard, tools, search, logOUT], but i don´t get the cutomisation done :-( all i get now is a blank screen :-( the script...