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  • By Norman Foster
    your views regarding the same.   Thanks, Norman F. 
  • By RvR
    1 - Disable 'Activity' plugin. 2 - Add in your custom plugin: mod\custom_plugin\views
  • By Dmitry
    Hi RvR. There is no views\default\page\elements\owner_block.php :) So used default one. Thanks
  • By Jerome Bakker
    @rvrv not entirely correct views\default\errors only get used for http exceptions all other
  • By RvR
    Look at this: 'metadata' => $metadata, in mod\blog\views\default\object\blog.php
  • By iionly
    You wouldn't have to directly modify core files but you would extend core views instead. Take a
  • By RvR
    . elgg_list_river() on the all pages with posts' views + custom layouts. waiting for validation email I sure
  • By iionly
    Das Limit für die Anzahl der anzuzeigenden Bilder wird in the resource views von Tidypics
  • By aharleycpl
    /views/default/river/relationship/friend to friend.bak am I going to create some issue or is there a more
  • By TCB
    code last night that I could override the views to accomplish what I needed to do but I will look at