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  • By Ray J
    Acho que o Vazco possui um bom plugin. Na dúvida, procure algum com várias atualiza
  • By ihayredinov
    vazco and webgalli had it available for sale on their sites.
  • By thomas
    nah, vazco topbar doesnt help since i got no topbar... all those topbar plugins wont help, but
  • By martinez
    VAZCO, at the moment given link is not working. i ll try later. why don t you upload this plugin
  • By TahoeBilly
    Soc App can you peek at and suggest now how I get the Vazco top bar to go
  • By TahoeBilly
    Can someone please suggest how I get my header in 1.7.4 back to full screen width as well as vazco
  • By ura soul
    ah, it was because i have vazco mainpage installed and it replaces the pageshell for the entire
  • By rosval
    Hi Stephen, Using custom index, without index widgets (vazco main page, if that's what you mean
  • By Bruce Lehmann
    out on the Vazco sute :-)
  • By tennisbum
    ok vazco,   I'll try that plugin and see how it works. Does it work good on the 1.7 version of