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  • Feedback and Planning

    Feedback and Planning

    How can the Elgg developers enhance their interactions with Elgg users? Comments, questions, and discussions encouraged!! If you are looking for installation, development or administration help, this is *not* the group for you! Posts on these...
  • Profile X

    By Cim
    Allows users to select pre-made layouts! Currently the plugin offers 2 themes. If you have a theme request, then please comment your ideas! Demo URL: Username: demo Password: demodemo Disclaimer This plugin was made on...
  • Admin tools

    By Jerome Bakker
    Offers different tools for admins / developers Features Admins can toggle between normal user and admin user
  • Delete Me

    By Arck Interactive
    Extends the users profile with a link to remove him- or herself from the system. This plugin is an update of an older version that I can't find here to give proper credit. Updated and released on behalf of myfreepersonals
  • Landr

    By Cim
    Landr is a modern, sleek, sexy, and responsive template for your landing page. Packed with tons of features and user customizations so you really don't have to code anything. It has the potential to be a premium theme but I'm releasing it to...
  • User choice themes

    By v06 in the group General Discussion
    hi to make users choice own theme like google+,twitter themes....
  • GPL contributers wanted for premium users project

    By Dries in the group Plugin Development
    Hey,I would like to work with the community to achieve a plugin that seems to be needed for a big part of the community and where no good up to date and efficient alternatives are available for at the moment.We have 2 very good frameworks atm to...
  • simple site focused on user's profile - newbie

    By dazedandconfused in the group General Discussion
    I'm interested in a profile content-focused experience for the user. Basically I want the user, when they log in, to be directed to their profile editing page. Also, I would like the profile urls to be stored in the root directory and would also...
  • how to delete users

    By krismb in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I don't know where I can find the right place for USER. I am not developer. Every where is developer place.   I installed an elgg site and many people already registerd. If someone validate their account I can't delete or edit any user...
  • User Deletion?

    By LT in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Is there a way or plugin for a user to cancel there account or delete there own account???