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  • Profile X

    By Cim
    Allows users to select pre-made layouts! Currently the plugin offers 2 themes. If you have a theme request, then please comment your ideas! Demo URL: Username: demo Password: demodemo Disclaimer This plugin was made on...
  • Admin tools

    By Jerome Bakker
    Offers different tools for admins / developers Features Admins can toggle between normal user and admin user
  • Delete Me

    By Arck Interactive
    Extends the users profile with a link to remove him- or herself from the system. This plugin is an update of an older version that I can't find here to give proper credit. Updated and released on behalf of myfreepersonals
  • Landr

    By Cim
    Landr is a modern, sleek, sexy, and responsive template for your landing page. Packed with tons of features and user customizations so you really don't have to code anything. It has the potential to be a premium theme but I'm releasing it to...
  • User choice themes

    By v06 in the group General Discussion
    hi to make users choice own theme like google+,twitter themes....
  • GPL contributers wanted for premium users project

    By Dries in the group Plugin Development
    Hey,I would like to work with the community to achieve a plugin that seems to be needed for a big part of the community and where no good up to date and efficient alternatives are available for at the moment.We have 2 very good frameworks atm to...
  • simple site focused on user's profile - newbie

    By dazedandconfused in the group General Discussion
    I'm interested in a profile content-focused experience for the user. Basically I want the user, when they log in, to be directed to their profile editing page. Also, I would like the profile urls to be stored in the root directory and would also...
  • how to delete users

    By krismb in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I don't know where I can find the right place for USER. I am not developer. Every where is developer place.   I installed an elgg site and many people already registerd. If someone validate their account I can't delete or edit any user...
  • User Deletion?

    By LT in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Is there a way or plugin for a user to cancel there account or delete there own account???
  • Featured members

    By Krischan
    My first plugin, very much still an alpha version. It basically is a rewrite of Team Webgalli's gpl pro_user plugin ( ) with some functionality added. Features: Adds...