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  • Limit user access to post on pages, blogs, etc.

    By Solcjoye in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello, I am a total newb brand new user of Elgg... I am using it for a project that I am working on with my 8th grade students. Ultiamtely, I want them to be able to login, upload PDF files + paste the actual content of the file into a blog...
  • User Settings

    By Nick in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hey, when I am logged into my account on my site and I go to my settings so I can change my password, the settings page is not really set up.... Everything is just plain and and messed up. It's in a HTML form.  There are no 'Submit' buttons...
  • Restrict users to post a blog/news

    By wannabe in the group General Discussion
    Hi everyone, Since there is not a plugin available at this moment to define user roles, and restrict acces to certain 'goodies' on the website, I am looking to a simple way to restrict all users to post a blog and only allow a few. I would love to...
  • Ban users

    By Cash
    This plugin provides more options when banning users than Elgg's default ban. Include the reason for your records Set the time period for the ban (requires cron to be set up to unban the user automatically) Notify the user of the ban List all...
  • custom profile field

    By tobi in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hallo, is it possible to add a field to the profile form? I don't want to use the "Edit Profile Page" Funktion, because I need more complicated fields (double select ...) and want to stay with the original fields as well. I'm using elgg 1.8.1, so I...
  • Quik_Set

    By Trajan
    This is a JQuery based slide in tab that allows users to change some of their user settings. At present this includes: Name (Ajax) Email (Ajax) Language - if JD's language_selector is enabled To get this working, you need to add the...
  • Multi access user

    By Jerome Dupuis in the group Plugin Development
    Hello, First, I apoligize for my poor english but i will do my best. I would like create my own plugin but i have a problem... When I create a new entity with a new subtype (access_id = private)... Only the owner can see it but... I would like to...
  • Widgets not appearing

    By devoster in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I'm using elgg 1.7.10 I've been developing a site using Elgg for a few months now, and only recently have I run into this problem. On certain users, two new users, for instance, widgets do not appear on their profile when anyone other than the user...
  • privacy

    By phpmaster
    i need help with this function in star.php   register_plugin_hook('action', 'usersettings/save', 'user_friends_save_access');   function user_friends_save_access(){ $user = $_SESSION['user']; $user->user_friends_access =...
  • Overwrite ElggGroup Function

    By avidgamer123 in the group Plugin Development
    I just want to overwrite an ElggGroup function (the 'leave()' function).  Right now, it works (user can't leave) if I have the user join and leave in the same file, but if I wait until the user joins (say through the groups page), and then they...