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  • By ihayredinov
    sidebar like aalborg did or just extend the content area. Given most themes these days use flex card
  • By iionly
    As already posted in the other thread: from the two choices (updating your site from Elgg 1.8 to a
  • By Herb
    I have made both an Android and Windows 10 app for Elgg and yes they require updating
  • By iionly
    css views would then override the Elgg core css files. Some info about creating themes can be found at
  • By iionly
    party plugins (themes)? If you have any additional plugins in use, especially a theme that tries to
  • By Jerome Bakker
    ) themes available for Elgg that is probably true. I know from experience that a lot of themes get
  • By İşöğüçı
    availability of attractive themes. A few well designed ones do not survive as there does not seem to be the
  • By Tom
    some cup of coffee or tea while developing or updating new tools that can make Elgg Engine Great Again
  • By iionly
    what you have done to fix the problem on your site: instead of updating the subtype id in the entities
  • By iionly
    Point 1: Elgg 3 is not yet final. So, it's maybe too early to ask for themes just yet. And any