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  • Feedjit Widget

    By Cim
    Feedjit is a free live traffic feed where you it shows basic info about your viewers. Get yours now at Full view of the live traffic feed will show you more info, such as: Arrival or...
  • Traffic problems?

    By earthling in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi everyone, I am going to use elgg for a project. There will be 2-3 different elgg systems running on a Ubuntu Server. I expect to have up to 500 students in total, which means that there will be up to 250 users per system. Will Elgg be able to...
  • The Elgg Community: elgg and ads

    By edlove
    Targetting traffic on ad networks for social networks
  • elgg and ads

    By gone
    I understand this is for elgg and related topics but I thought I would share with everyone some ad results my father and I are coming up with. It is related only in so far as elgg is a social networking plateform.  This data may help others in...
  • Largest Elgg Sites?

    By jojo in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I was wondering if people had any idea about the size of the largest sites running on Elgg.  I am thinking about moving a large Drupal site to Elgg and was wondering if the code was optimized enough to handle large amounts of traffic - seeing...