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  • Feedjit Widget

    By Cim
    Feedjit is a free live traffic feed where you it shows basic info about your viewers. Get yours now at Full view of the live traffic feed will show you more info, such as: Arrival or...
  • Flexible FriendlyTime

    By Matt Beckett
    Allows an administrator to set up to two formats for time display and set when each format should occur. Features: Over 30 preformatted outputs Ability to overwrite with custom output Ability to set 2 outputs, determined by amount of...
  • Timezone and time settings

    By Arcijsss in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I can't understand - where I can set my timezone. I don't have permision to server settings. And I have another problem - where can I set my time format - from 5pm to 17:00 for example and I hope this function will be in new elgg versions.
  • TSFI

    Sorry guys, but this is now very urgent! This could be the last issue.

    By TSFI in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Ok, so the real problem is now that the code for the age stamp... FINALLY WORKS!! But there is still one problem: the age comes in user's profile as the current year, like in every user's age field it says "2011", and I want to be shown as an...
  • Timezone

    By LKLaRose in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I get this error message since upgrading to 1.7.8 from 1.6.1. Warning: date() []: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set()...
  • Timestamp/publishing ahead of time?

    By gnyma in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello! I was wondering if there was any way/plugins for adding a function to blogs/pages/etc to be posted at a future date and time? Amy
  • Boost HTACCESS

    By lord55 in the group Italian Community Group
    # Noelab Seo Speed# Italian Support Group for Elgg# @package Fast by Default - Elgg Performances - SEO# @author Lord55# @link ETags and Last Modified#Force the latest IE version#Don't compress images#Header...
  • Speed up elgg

    By alysami in the group Plugin Development
    well ... following up some instructions in Pagespeed plugin by google for firefox, i did a very good performance optimization for elgg.   i created a second Domain, lets say ( then i add a subdomain to it like like...
  • Time and date display

    By Per Jensen in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi I have a problem with translating date display, from English into Danish. The month is not translated in the Danish date display. Does anyone know how it can be done. In the language file there is a translation of months with 'date: month:...
  • Time format

    By tbembedded in the group Event calendar
    Kevin, thanks for the great plugin! I just installed it and am very impressed!  I don't see an option for time display format anywhere but admit I may have missed it.  Otherwise, my suggestion is to allow either 12 or 24-hour clock format,...