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  • CKEditor Extended

    By Jeroen Dalsem
    Ever wanted more (or less) option in your CKEditor, well this is the plugin for you! It offers you the ability to change the configuration of the editor. Also have a look at the CKEditor website for all the options. This plugin also provides...
  • Video Chat

    General Info Flash-based powerful chat solution for social sites with many features, such as: audio/video broadcastings, private conversations, chat history and others. No Media Server Chat uses free Adobe Cirrus service for media...
  • WebODF plugin?

    By Krischan in the group Plugin Development
    Came accross this awesome javascript library that seems to allow collaborative file editing without a complex server-backend like etherpad AND has more editing...
  • Title Enquires 1.7 elgg

    By darkdaz in the group Elgg Technical Support
    hello all i need help on 1.7x is there a way to change the text title to a image type, eg the big bold font title "welcome to Elgg" title?? (the one above the boxes) thanks
  • Google Fonts

    By juBo
    Please note: You are welcome to download and use the 'Google Fonts' plugin for as long as it works, but I am no longer able to offer support. Use Google Fonts on your Elgg website - just follow the instructions on the plugin's...
  • Please how can i remove the text shown on HypePortoflio skill form

    By Mercyspree in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Please i'm using hypePortfolio plugin i have been finding it difficult to remove the text "hypePortfolio skill form". It is very unproffessional seeing that text. I appreciate their...
  • Essential Elgg Question about Mobile Devices and the Wire

    By Biddum1 in the group Beginning Developers
    Hello. I was wondering if it was possible for people to TEXT images or acutal text messages from there phone to the elgg wire. However I mean simply the user types in a phone number and it appears on the website, no sign-in but a phone to web...
  • Tab Text Widget 1.8.x

    By Matt Beckett
    A rewrite of the original tabtext by Jon Dron (   Provides a widget for free text/HTML (filtered HTML of course) in multiple tabbed...
  • Obsolete texts in language file

    By easy82 in the group Beginning Developers
    Hi! I'm translating Elgg to Hungarian based on the previous translations, and yesterday I've finished the main language file at '/languages'. But I suspect I've translated a lot of obsolete texts, am I right? There were installation instructions,...
  • text area minus formatting

    By R in the group General Discussion
    Hi, I would like to have an input text box in a plugin I am making. In the text box I want to input css code. The problem is that when I have TinyMCE activated the css code get saved with tags such as <p> and <br>. I am using the...