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  • Template engine replacement

    By Alexander Leschinsky in the group Theme Development
    According to Wiki, it's possible. But I can't grok how to do it really, if I want to use not own ugly function, but real template engine - current templater drive me nuts Can anybody write small howto or just hints about "Using SMARTY as template-engine"? I undestand and can work with Smarty and...
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  • Elgg 1.8 theming features?

    By Andras Szepeshazi in the group Feedback and Planning
    Hi all, I know this is a cheap shot, as I could download the 1.8 current build and look for myself,  but I'd really love to hear the experts/core developers on their perception of Elgg 1.8 theming features. As of today, with Elgg 1.7+, if I get an XHTML/CSS template set for a new social...
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  • Looking for someone to theme [PAID]

    By The_Return in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, I'm looking for someone to apply a xhtml design I have into elgg, if you can do this reply here of contact me on msn at
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  • Multiple Templates

    By harcha24 in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Possibly an odd question here. or a lame one.... whatever... here goes I bought a wii for my kids and now I'm way into browsin the ol' interweb on my tv. when you do this youtube has a cool change up for their website called youtube XL. it has limited features but is really easy to use from acro...
    Tags: multiple, templates, switching, browser, mobile, television
  • Elgg Mobile Templates

    By MarkieDude in the group Theme Development
    Ok, so i've only ever seen one template for elgg that auto adjusted and also worked for iPhones (Mobile Devices), however; it was of very poor quality and overided my main elgg theme. Seeing as I own an iPhone; something like this is extremely useful for me, and alot of others. I know how to cr...
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  • (rounded corners)

    By rich
    Would like to know if anyone has got the (rounded corners) working in elgg it's not a version issue I think the issue is related to how the stylesheet is put together... calling the css.php from each version/mod folder I'm looking into this myself and if i find an answer...
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  • The Elgg Community: (rounded corners)

    By rich
    Tags:, google code, help, templates, fix
  • Themes/Templates?

    By Scott in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Are there any designers out there that design Ellg themes that don't look like they were designed on the floor of a daycare with crayons by 3 year olds? I am trying to set up and run Ellg for a professional organization and sky blue with puffy clouds and little "suns" smiling down just doesn't c...
    Tags: templates, themes. crayons, grown up
  • Display Template Field Formatting

    By mick bullock in the group Form and related plugins
    Is it possible to format the way the date is displayed in content? eg. I have {$date}, the field is a datepicker, I just want the month and year displaying.....
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  • Einen Gruß an die Community! + Help! ^^

    By Walter in the group German Support Group
    Hallo! Also ich bin von elgg Begeistert. Nach diversen Versuchen mit anderen Produkten. Jedoch stellen sich für mich nun - nach der Installation, template wechsel und Sprachdatei - folgende Fragen dringlichst. Widgets: Mein neues Template hat zusätzliche Widgets. Wie kann ich diese "Be...
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