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  • Tag Tools

    By Jeroen Dalsem
    fancy autocomplete tag input with the use of the tag-it library adds option to follow tags adds a follow button besides a tag content created with the tag sends notification to follower adds a activity tab filtering the content to...
  • AU Group Tag Menu

    By Jon Dron
    Allows a user-defined list of tags to be shown as linked menu items on the group sidebar.  Will either: automatically show most-used tags in the group (number configurable by the group owner) or allow the group owner to enter any arbitrary...
  • Tags vs Categories

    By Cim in the group General Discussion
    which one do you use and why? if you use both, why?
  • Follow Tags

    By Pasley70
    This plugin allow users to follow tags. Users can select any tag which is filtered and displayed in the Activity Stream. The user is notified when new content is matching. Features add 'My Tags' to the Activity tabs define tags you want to...
  • getting entities by tag?

    By ura soul in the group Plugin Development
    i'm altering the related-items plugin so that the related entities are retrieved using sql, rather than php, as i originally coded the process to be php heavy. i am adding metadata/tag parameters to the $options array that i am passing to elgg...
  • Keywords and Tags

    By Reeech in the group Beginning Developers
    I have a new site and am a beginner. How do I add Keywords and tags so I can be found on search engines?
  • related items

    By ura soul
    presents links to elgg objects/items (blogs/links/pages/photos etc.) that are related to the presently viewed item according to the item's tags. items are selected by similarity: the more tags that match, the more chance that the item will be...
  • iZAP Autocomplete Tags plugin issue

    By Cyril Sabbagh in the group iZAP plugins discussion
    Hello I'm having an issue with the tags autocomplete plugin i'm hoping you could help. I'm using elgg 1.8.12 (on XAMPP) and IZAP bridge 2.1.4 (i registered for API Key for localhost).Every time i enable the autocomplete plugin I am not able to...
  • Moving photo tags

    By knussear in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi All,    I have a question about photo tags. I have tagged a couple of photos with friends. When revisiging photos sometimes the tags have moved to the right. Any idea what might cause this, or how to fix? Elgg 1.8.9, and tidy pics...
  • Thoughts on adding XOXCO-style tag input by default?

    By Steve Clay in the group Feedback and Planning
    I think tag entry UX is pitiful in Elgg right now. We of course need to add help text to let users know they're separated by commas (why are we assuming they would know this??), but I'm much more happy with the style of tag entry used by Delicious...