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  • Tab Plugins

    By Zahed Hossain in the group Plugin Development
    Is there any tab plugins for profile??? or any one can help me about this matter?? 
    Tags: tab
  • Tabber Tab Framework

    By Shouvik Mukherjee
    This is a very simple framework plugin for the devs to use TabberTab on Elgg. Very simple to use and example code is given.   Credit: Shouvik Mukherjee and BarelyFitz Designs
    Tags: tabber, javascript, tab, ajax, ishouvik
  • Tab Navigator

    By Desiron
    Provides a tab navigator view using the tabber javascript plugin
    Tags: tab_navigator, tab navigator, tab, tabs
  • [more] top menu tab is bugged in internet explorer 8

    By mpmgc in the group Feedback and Planning
    I'm working with both Elgg versions 7 and 8, also I see a bug for IE browser- Bug: the top menu tab ("more" > drop down menu box) on Elgg within an IE browser is behind the object instead of in front of it? Example: A widget that is at the right-side of the 'front page' and the [more]  &...
    Tags: more, menu, tab, drop, down, ie, explorer, 8
  • Private_River_1.8

    By iconMatrix
    This is an updated version of Private_River for 1.8.x  Removes the "ALL" tab in the river and gives the administrator the original elgg river view "ALL FRIENDS MINE". Log on as a non admin to see it in action.
    Tags: tab, navigation, admin
  • River Update elgg 1.8.8

    By mariano
    update activity in real time  this plugin is basaed in river_addon   version beta 1.0    views demo in   español  para ver su funcionamiento abrir dos navegadores y luego ir a la pagina de actividad  escribe un post y luego mira el re...
    Tags: activity, ajax, wall, tab
  • Activity page > new tab idea > membership groups

    By BrianF in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Members can see their own activity, their friends acitivity, and the whole networks activity.  Their own activity is great for finding ones own actions. Friends are the 'facebook' element which is great and what people expect today. The whole network is a great way to see what is moving i...
    Tags: Activity page, tab, idea, membership groups,
  • How i can have tabs and menus with Ajax?

    By Viug in the group General Discussion
    Hey, know any plugin to load with ajax the content found within the tabs and menus?As you know, the page takes too long to refresh when ajax has not ... so I want to know if you can put the content with ajax.I leave a picture where I show what tabs and menus with ajax I would like ... Hopefully I...
    Tags: Javascirpt, Jquery, PHP, Ajax, Elgg, tab, menu, content
  • Hide all tab in river

    By Gerard
    Small plugin to hide the all tab from river from regular users. Administrators still can see the all tab.
    Tags: tab, all