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  • Minify

    By Evan Winslow
    FOR ELGG 1.7 SUPPORT, DOWNLOAD VERSION 0.2 Each page in Elgg includes some core CSS and Javascript needed to make your site look and feel good to users.  However, these files can get pretty big pretty fast -- even without additional plugins...
  • Site Speed.

    By Kiwi_Chris in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi,   This is an issue I can not seem to resolve on my own, and I would like some help please. My site is slow very slow. I have many plugins installed so it could be any of these, It could be my server, or any of many reasons. I use a...
  • How to increase Page Speed

    By overcomer in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Google Page Speed addon for FirebugSays me for this page /pg/groups/world/        Specify image dimensionsA width and height should be specified for all images in order to speed up page display. Specifying image...