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  • My PlugIn XREF

    By DhrupDeScoop
    ...rMenu vB0.1 Provide a better menu usability for users ▶ alfalive 2009-02-15     14 Chat ▶ ElggChat v1.2 Embeds the (open source) PhpFreeChat (www.phpfreechat...
  • Code contributions

    By Ivan Vergés in the group Plugin Development
    Get Project Source Code You may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP: svn checkout svn:// For more about using Subversion, see Client programs and plugins and the SVN online Book.

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  • firstplanet

    By firstplanet
    ...EADY and find their First Job quickly. CODEREADY Trainings are offered online/offline at free of cost to help the job seekers benefit out of open source, open education and get hands...

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