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  • By seri_ng
    I did both plus clearing my browser cache but it didn't seem to solve this issue.
  • By RvR
    . Wait for updates or help solve this problem yourself.
  • By TCB
    which php module were you missing and how did you solve your issue?  I'm having the same
  • By VSR
    " function didn't solve problem...on the verge of just closing/deleting server...
  • By seri_ng
    This will solve my afternoon cron for sure. But the real challenge is that I have about 6-7 custom
  • By Dmitry
    Thanks, RvR. Seems it will solve the problem. Will test tomorrow and will write here.
  • By VSR
    Thanks... changed all the permissions... That doesn't solve the issues, yet needs being done
  • By Abdulaziz
    well before that I have read what I referred to, but I do not find any steps to solve the problem
  • By seri_ng
    advice what I might do wrong or how to solve this issue. Thanks in advance and for updating this plugin!
  • By rjcalifornia
    was with GD but it gone with larger memory It seems like the way to solve this is by having a good