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  • New US Legislation on Internet Safety

    By Steve in the group General Discussion
    If schools want e-rate money they must: "as part of its Internet safety policy is educating minors about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and cyberbullying awareness and response." What better way to do thi...
    Tags: policy, safety, k12, social networking, cyberbullying
  • Roger Curry

    Tags: virtualization, social networking, cyberinfrastructure
  • School Web Publishing Policies

    By Steve in the group General Discussion
    I'm in the midst of drawing up a draft of our school's web publishing policy and I'm not finding much guidance when it comes to web 2.0 tools. I need something that addresses student and teacher blogs, wikis, rss, and social networking tools (elgg). Down the road, I will be looking for policies...
    Tags: policy, safety, k12, social networking, cyberbullying
  • Plamen Vatev

    Tags: Computers, PHP, mysql, Internet, web, Linux, ubuntu, social networking, optometry, medicine
  • chetan1683

    Tags: Web Development Programming, Open Source Application, social networking
  • tbr

    Tags: Graphic Design, Web development, social networking, Nightlife
  • Martin Comeau

    Working for Opossum, as a project manager. Just discovered Elgg and try to know more about all the possibilities that this tool can offer for online community.
    Tags: Internet, social networking, wiki
  • The concept of Coherence in Social Networking

    By Uddhava dasa in the group Plugin Development
    This article talks about the importance of group sizes, and how social networking can be affected by this natural limitation. Of course, Elgg has already thought about this, and implements the idea of multiple sites. So based on ...
    Tags: coherence, social networking
  • Social Networking and Education - Do they really go together ? -

    By Uddhava dasa in the group Plugin Development
    It is pretty clear for Elgg developers, and anyone in the Education area, that there is a huge demand for Education and Social Networking platforms to come together. I have been administrator of a moodle university for about two years, and have completely migrated my community site to Elgg for a...
    Tags: harvard, social networking
  • Ben Werdmuller

    Hi! I co-founded Elgg in 2004, and Curverider two years later. I was in charge of development for its first five years, until April 2009. Although I have moved onto other projects, I still maintain an active interest in the Elgg universe. (Right now I'm working on OutMap and providing f...
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