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  • Tony

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  • Javier Llinares

    Looking for to add value in Public Sector
  • seraphinlampion

    Looking for infos and feedback about creating a social network for a group of professionnals working across a large geographical scale in France. Technical infos, usability approach (menus, tools, browsing, templates, skins) are welcome. Thank you !...
  • Social share

    Share extensions rarely respects user privacy. This plugin does by providing social sharing links that do not track users. It also provides sharing a page via email (by opening user's messenger). ***How does this work?*** By providing...
  • Smile Connect

    By ihayredinov
    A social network for people over 50. Features a custom theme developed for people with impaired vision, as well as an events calendar, messaging, geocentric search capabilities.
  • Inside the hotel

    By Javier
    More resources for the best travel experience: Real time interaction with nearby travellers + Shop products selection + Experiences + Maps, routes and tourism/shopping guides + Plans / tourism with other net users. ----------- Enriquecemos...
  • interconnected - social sharing & seo 1.9

    By ura soul
    features: adds sharing buttons to appropriate locations in elgg - currently adds a sidebar module to appropriate elgg pages and buttons to the bottom of profile info boxes (you can edit start.php to change this). optionally adds a set of...
  • Addict Messenger

    By Efrain Valentin
    Addict isn't just a network with streams of contents rather its a network of people exploring and sharing social and personal contents. Features Video Chat Chatroulette Qr code creator Photo Editor Addict...