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  • Get preview from a link

    By Miky Tara in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello, is there a way to have a preview (kind of pictures) from a web link? I mean, I have a detail page of a link (with title, description, tags and preview) but how could I show the site preview from the link?? Thank you so much. 
  • My site, just looking for some feedback

    By costakisc in the group General Discussion
    Just looking for some people to check out my site and let me know what they think.  It is still under construction (a long way to go).  I have a long way to go and dont have a lot of time during the day to work on it, just looking for some...
  • Liang Lee Google

    By Arsalan Shah
    Allow admin to add sitetracking and site verfication code for Google. What is Google Analytics?A free service to analyze the performance of a website, such as user activity and site usability, by providing statistics on the users of the website. It...
  • Please! Help!

    By teoos in the group Elgg Technical Support >>> Someone help me resolve this error Please talk to me about how to step by step tutorialhow to resolve this errorThank...
  • Page header font

    By Ed in the group Beginning Developers
    I'm trying to change the font type, size, and postion in the page header. I've figured out how to change the size of the header. I'm made it smaller by adjusting the px in the layout.php. However, the size and position of the text stays the same....
  • Site menu selected

    By R in the group General Discussion
    The site menu tabs are not highlighting when selected. For example on a clean install of Elgg 1.8.3, if I click on the site menu "blogs", the page will direct to /blog/all and the blogs tab will be highlighted in the site menu. Now if I click on the...
  • A new project for the Open Source

    By Staszek in the group General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I will be 18 at the end of the month and I love Elgg. I have a new project : an open-source social network. Here is the manifest of the project : This page is extract from the site but all the...
  • Elgg Multi Site

    By Alexandre Marques in the group Elgg Brasil
    Alguém já usou uma única instalação de Elgg para implementar vários sites?
  • Digest

    By Jerome Bakker
    This plugin allowes you to send out a digest to your community members on a daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly bases. There are two types of digests that will be send. site digest: contains latest news of the site group digest: per group a user is...
  • Overwrite ElggGroup Function

    By avidgamer123 in the group Plugin Development
    I just want to overwrite an ElggGroup function (the 'leave()' function).  Right now, it works (user can't leave) if I have the user join and leave in the same file, but if I wait until the user joins (say through the groups page), and then they...