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  • Simple Blue White theme - 1.8.X

    By Team Webgalli
    This is the updated 1.8.X version of Pete's simple blue white theme for Elgg 1.7.X ( To install Unzip > Upload to mod > Enable in admin panel More elgg themes...
  • Gem Theme

    By Flexx
    Make sure this plugin is at the bottom of the plugin list. Gem Theme is a theme that uses CSS3, therefore if users are using an older browser then you wont see the beauty of this theme. If you dont have a logo for your site then this theme will...
  • Simple forum

    By Pedro Prez
    You can test this module logging in on, Thanks!
  • Simple plugin to remove dashboard link

    By Mainak in the group Plugin Development
    Hi Group Members, I am a newbie in Elgg and I am trying to create a simple plugin which can disable the dashboard link in the Header menu. I want to basically remove the following content from elgg_toolbar.php:   <div...
  • Simple Blue Template

    By Shouvik Mukherjee
    Ok, this is my very first public template on Elgg platform. This is a simple teplate for Elgg, designed for Elgg 1.6.1; but, can be made backward compatible by following the instructions here -...
  • au_language_overrides

    By Brian Jorgensen
    This plugin is a simple example of how to override language strings from core files or community plugins. Please feel free to edit /languages/en.php for your own needs. This plugin needs to be loaded after all plugins that it...
  • Disable dashboard

    By mikejkelley
    I find that the dashboard is redundant of the profile features and is confusing for many of my site's new, tech uninclined users. I'd like a simple way to disable the dashboard completely.
  • Trying to bugfix a Simple Blog tutorial

    By alfalive in the group Feedback and Planning
    Hi I am trying to fix Simple blog tutorial. One bug that I am found was this word "action" instead of "actions" Simplge blog plugin is working but when I try to Save a post it takes me to the error page the requested url was not found... Any...
  • Simple Group Assign After Registration

    By Ray in the group Plugin Development
    Hey all! I'm kind of hoping someone might be interested in helping me out with this or atleast offering some ideas because even shooting the breeze is helpful here. I want to have users assigned to a group upon registration. The easy part is that...
  • Simpleusermanagement

    By Pjotr
    Simple unvalidated user management plugin (the users who have not validated their account yet). Allows administrator to manage those unvalidated users: activate, delete, change email address and resend activation email (only if...