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  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    Find people / companies who offer professional services on Elgg development. Like customization, translation, plugin / theme development, installation and migration.   Buyers : You can request offers by opening a new thread for a project...
  • Interactive Search

    By PEOPLE Vitry
    This service provides the locations of points of interest such as hotel, leisure center, supermarket on the map. This plugin required a database for all hierarchy of concepts. This plugin required LiangLeeFramework 1.1.3...
  • NC - activity tracking plugin

    By ijmakine in the group Professional Services
    We need someone to code a plugin for tracking salespersonnel's activity on different areas. The idea of the plugin is following: users save information of tasks they have done in a workday: how many business calls made, how many deals made,...
  • I can't post in twitter via twitter service

    By Prajwal in the group Elgg Technical Support
    hi there, i wanted to post the wire posts to twitter via twitter service. i created a app. and i put the consumer key &secret in settings. but it is not posting in twitter . i have no idea what to do. everything looks fine but it won't post in...
  • twitterservice

    By gastre in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, I installed and configured the plugin twitterservice. In principle it connect with my USER Twitter with my account, what happens that what I put on the wire did not appear. anyone know how this works? I put the site in public to see if it works...
  • Elgg Mood for 1.7

    By bman
    Based on TheWire plugin by, and tested since 1.7 release on my site. This adds a graphical dropdown using jquery-image-dropdown with emoticons to represent mood for your users to post their mood to elgg. This will be in git...
  • Selling customizations

    By bosssumon in the group Professional Services
    Any one interested in some theme or plugin customization. Visit for demo. Have worked for them. Would like to sell same kind of work if anyone interested. thanks.