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  • juancarlose

    Hi people! I am interesting in building several social nets with this tool, so well i am testing it, and what better than using it :) .I am experienced in html/css/javascript, and jsp, asp, php ( quite a time without using , so i am nowadays...
  • Shane Atlas

    Co-Founder of Elgg Jobs! Elgg Plugins, Elgg Hosting, Elgg Themes Everything from Job listings to plugins is FREE. ElggExchange is a moderated marketplace for extending and enhancing core elgg functionality...
  • hypeSeo

    By ihayredinov
    Customize any page URL to suit your SEO needs Autogenerate SEF URLs for all site entities with predefined rewrite patterns Add custom title, description, keywords and other meta tags to any page Integrates with hypeDiscovery to populate open...
  • hypeDiscovery

    By ihayredinov
    Extensible OpenGraph metatags Extensible Twitter Card metatags oEmbed provider (via web services) Permalinks and Embed Code Self-hosted Share buttons (no external javascript or cookies) Granular control over discoverable and embeddable...
  • SEO: auto sitemap - XML

    By ura soul
    adds a dynamic sitemap.xml file to your site for SEO purposes. (No physical file, the sitemap is generated for each request). the sitemap is split into various sub-maps indexed in a sitemap index file, this allows lightweight crawling. each...
  • Dynamic SEO

    By Gerard
    Metatags - Adds meta name titles, description, keywords and other SEO tags to your site. It takes excerpts or parts of the description of the content combined with some information of the Author. - Helpfull with sharing content to...
  • Elgg core should include basic plugins for search engine integration and indexing

    By ɥɔuıɹƃ lɐʇıƃıp in the group Feedback and Planning
    Elgg is intended to be "social", yet it lacks basic functionality to 'get it found'. Site admins have to run special plugins or programs and take all sorts of steps so their site is indexed and searchable. This is so counter-intuitive to...
  • SEO Friendly Titles

    By RvR
    This Elgg plugin by Germanaz0
  • Search Engine Optimization

    By Lance in the group General Discussion
    I have been having difficulty finding any really good information on SEO for Elgg powered sites and the general search function on the community site seems to be missing since the upgrade. I was wondering what are some of the "best practices" used...
  • Elgg and SEO

    By Evgeniy in the group General Discussion
    Whether SEO improvement in Elgg is planned? Now, as it seems to me, the situation not in the best way...