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  • Ads Rotator 1.8

    By Thuvalpakshi
    This plugin will rotate any content or banner or js ads given between a <div title="name"> </div> tags in the plugin settings show the ads in header show the ads in sidebar show the ads in footer if you use 3 columns settings using...
  • Riverdashboard Ultra++Facebook

    By $łŁ
    +1: Auto Load river more... +2: Rotate plugins on the right side. Sorry_1: CSS file is not an ELGG Theme. Sorry_2: Contains plugins that you do not have. Sorry_3: I'have 'embed_extender' plugin in the wire-river integrated && river...
  • Simple Ad Rotator

    By Georges Gillard
    Creating a simple ad-rotator, the ads are stored in a text file and picked randomly by this PHP code.
  • Garbage Collector + Logrotator Conflicts

    By Dave in the group General Discussion
    Just to update anyone else who has run into this problem. For kicks, I disabled Garbage Collector and ran CRON via my browser ( by using the following URL: http://YOUR_DOMAINpg/cron/weekly ) and it worked. I did the same for Log Rotator and guess...