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  • Welcome Message Timing

    By Trajan in the group Plugin Development
    I decided that seeing the "Welcome username" on the dashboard every  time was a little boring for me, so I decided to update it with a tiny little Javascript. On my site, it now reads the time and responds with a "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening...
  • Juipo

    Remove "All" tab Riverdasboard

    By Juipo
    This plugin will remove "All" tab in Riverdasboard tabbed navigation. Elgg 1.7.x Plugin will still display all site updates when user first loads the dashboard but will display only two tabs, “friends” and “mine”. To...
  • riverdashboard boxes

    By martinez in the group Elgg Technical Support
    How do I add new boxes to riverdashboard left column? I wish i can add the last video from I_zap, any helping hand?
  • Facebook River

    By webbuilders in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi im new to elgg community and i would like to ask some questions about river and its problems I want to install a river that will be like facebook . It will also shows the updates not for all users but only from friends as facebook does. Has...
  • Riverdash Shortcuts

    By Madiha Nahal
    This plugin does not require you to enable in admin tools. Just upload  to the mod folder and extract. The modification adds common elgg shortcuts that are displayed on the left side pane under Recent Members. The...
  • Riverdashboard with "default view" option

    By Fabrix Xm in the group Plugin Development
    Here is my small mod to riverdashboard. It add a global option to select the default view for the users, and a user option, so every user can select his preferred view       download , zip file, only modified files it's my...
  • how to have video thumb in the river

    By Georges Gillard in the group Plugin Development
    hello , i'm using "Video browser plugin"  version 1 and i would like to knowhow i can add video thumbnail to the river page , it will be much more nice than that  if anyone have an idea :) here  is the code that create the river...
  • River Extended (url preview)

    By Pedro Prez
    Extend your river, this will allow you to:    -preview the urls sites you add.    -transform the texts preceded by # to a link (this will be searchable) ** TODO *** Cache the url to reduce the quantity of http requests...
  • River Comments

    By Pedro Prez
      This plugin has been based on the facebook comments feature. Let the users to comments inline in the riverdashboard.  You can test this module logging in on Thanks! if you really like this plugin recommend it,...
  • Previous Button!

    By N Mahmud in the group 3 column riverdashboard
    Hello, On the three column dashboard, there is a button says previous, if you click it, it takes you to the older posts,  Is it possible to keep the content in the single page, by growing blow like facebook, for example? Thanks