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  • Easily reorder search results

    By Steve Clay in the group Plugin Development
    The general search page (?search_type=all) returns results grouped by type/subtype, and the code that generates these is not designed to be extensible at all. Thankfully the ability to rewrite view output via hooks makes this a breeze. Each...
  • Changing Help Topics from Ascending to Descending

    By John in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi, I'm using a help plugin and I want the latest help FAQ I add to be listed at the bottom and not at the top on the help page (it lists the entries just like a river item with the latest on the top). I know I have to use 'order_by' =>...
  • Pages tree

    By Jerome Bakker
    IMPORTANT: Development of this plugin is discontinued, Please use it's replacement pages_tools ( Features Completely (forward and backward) compatible with the Pages plugin Order...
  • Plugin Manager

    By Evan Winslow
    Sick and tired of waiting for the page to load every time you want to change the order of a plugin or enable/disable a plugin?  That gets really old really fast.  Plugin Manager is meant to make life a little easier for all you Elgg plugin...