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  • Recaptcha

    By Matt Beckett
    This plugin provides reCAPTCHA verification that is configurable for specific actions. Actions can be selected through plugin settings. The form for the action will have a recaptcha inserted in the .elgg-foot div if it exists, or just above the last...
  • How are bots bypassing google recaptcha?

    By S.Brady.Hussain in the group Elgg Technical Support
    i am using recaptcha and lots of anti spam plugins are the spammers human or bots or both?should i user 2 Re-captchas not just 1? any tips please thanks any tips plz
  • Stop spam

    By endlasuresh in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I had recently installed elgg and the spam bots already attacked within minutes, can some body tell me how to avoid spam from this bots. Ive tried recaptcha plugin but nothing happens.
  • recaptcha 1.8.x

    By Naveen Nayak
    Tested with Vanilla install of 1.8.15 and the plugin is working  Please email me ( comments left here are not reaching me ) Fully tested for 1.8.11 and is running in production Browsers tested: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari Note: This...
  • Qli Recaptcha

    By Júnior Magalhães
    Olá a todos,eu tirei um tempinho para desenvolver o Qli Recaptcha para a comunidade elgg. Para usar o Qli Recaptcha  você precisa da API do google Recaptcha, que você pode encontra nesse link
  • reCaptcha

    By RPGRealms
    Tested on 1.7.1 A simple replacement for the default captcha plugin for Elgg. This uses the reCAPTCHA system ( instead, but otherwise it works exactly the same as the default captcha system with regard to Elgg. You...
  • recaptcha

    By Imoutofhere in the group Elgg Technical Support
    hi im working on adding recaptcha, i have part of the code in the form file but i need to place the other part in the process file, not sure what your using as the process file, or if there is an actual process file in the root dir i did not...

    By Trinity Rolling in the group Plugin Development
      Would anyone be interested in a reCAPTCHA plugin?  I was able to get this working on my site.  Something of interest?