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  • By iionly
    domains are with SMTP. But I would imagine that a mail provider offering sending mails via SMTP over their
  • By Mark
    I'm confused as to why I would need to configure Elgg to use a third-party SMTP provider AND
  • By uwharries
    Cron problem but after annoying several folks on the ELGG forum and at my webhosting provider it
  • By MyHoTFB.COM ®
    ? If its being hosted on a professional hosting service provider even with ssh access I dont think one
  • By Nikolai Shcherbin
    after renaming the Elgg root installed folder w/o any .dots in its name. Ask your hosting provider
  • By fahl5
    -authentication and published service provider (in the settings of the elgg-peer in moodle).
  • By iionly
    provider either! The limitation of allowed mail domains makes more sense (makes only sense?) for sites that
  • By iionly
    provider and send the mails from the Elgg installation via SMTP you would have to provide the necessary