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  • Location Autocomplete

    By Mark
    Integrates geo-autocomplete jQuery plugin ( to  suggest locations to user as they fill out the location input box . Uses Google Maps v3 API and Google Static Maps v2 API. Now compatible with profile...
  • short url with profile name with .htaccess

    By Dean in the group Elgg Technical Support
    I read a few posts explaining how to make user addresses shorter by removing profile out: www.yourdomain.blah/profile/username There are several posts discussing this: suggesting...
  • profile changes in 1.8.8

    By costakisc in the group Beginning Developers
    were there some menu changes in 1.8.8?  just upgraded from 1.8.3 and my profile action menu changed. I used this before as a code to put an additional button on the action menu: if (elgg_get_context() == "profile" &&...
  • Profile

    By Mmeal
    The profile plugin is bundled with both the full and core-only Elgg packages. The intention is that it can be disabled and replaced with another profile plugin if you wish. It provides a number of pieces of functionality which many consider...
  • Profile as menu item

    By Joel Rodriguez in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Has anyone added a menu item that links to the user's profile page? I can't figure out the url to add to the menu to go to a logged in users profile. Any suggestions? Thanks all.
  • Extend Profile by adding categories

    By pmabbu12 in the group Beginning Developers
    I want to add an option of choosing expert categories for profiles of users at the time of registration or after registration while updating user profile. These categories are defined by the site wide categories plugin which apply to content types...
  • Invert Profile

    By Silverdot in the group General Discussion
    I'm trying to find a plugin or a way to invert the profile page. Every social site in I know of has the picture on the left. I want to have it on the right. Any ideas?
  • User profile ID Is E-mail Address Help

    By TITSysop in the group Beginning Developers
    Hello, I'd like to know if it is possible to have custom user Ids that work as e-mail forwards.It would be something like: way the users friends will know how to contact them in an...
  • iShouvik Profile 1.8

    By Shouvik Mukherjee
    This creates a three column profilepage layout replacing the regular elgg profilepage. Instead of three profile widgets, only one is displayed on right. The plugins is compatible with iShouvik Easy Adverts plugin. The ad-codes pasted on the sidebar...
  • custom profile fields & members page

    By Cim in the group Beginning Developers
    so i've decided to use custom profile fields because there's the birthdate field but using custom profile fields doesn't show brief description on members page and so on. even if i make the brief description custom field, it still doesn't show. how...