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  • By Nikolai Shcherbin
    Elgg API Use WebServices. You should register the function with the web services API
  • By And
    , Friend Collections, Invite Friends, Login As, Site Notifications, Tag Cloud, Web Services. Non-bundled
  • By iionly
    least a pre-configured VPS with the typical services (LAMP stack) already working. If you have not much
  • By Sarath
    , classes, services, API. That exactly what I said. I am using Elgg as a framework only. But my worry is
  • By iionly
    for configuration of services on your webspace. Do you have CPanel or some other such tool? Without
  • By Jon Dron
    professional who has been through the Elgg upgrade process several times since 0.9 (though, clearly, not
  • By Book Of Likes
    scripts for this purpose and many more automated services.   The cron job would look like this
  • By Robert C
    ! firewall-cmd --add-service=http --permanent && firewall-cmd --reload ### Start services systemctl
  • website ranking

    By fructua in the group Elgg Technical Support
    is there anyone who can provide me SEO services for website
  • By iionly
    example, you could ask for (paid) help here in the Professional services group and you might get contacted