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  • File Viewer

    By ihayredinov
    An extension to the file plugin that integrates third-party services and providers to render files inline: Microsoft Office files (Office Web Viewer integration) PDFs and other common file types (Google Docs Viewer integration) Video/Audio...
  • hypeScraper

    By ihayredinov
    A tool for scraping, caching and embedding remote resources. Scrapes URLs and turns them in responsive preview cards Aggressive caching of scraped resources for enhanced performance Linkifies #hashtags, @usernames, links and emails
  • Get preview from a link

    By Miky Tara in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hello, is there a way to have a preview (kind of pictures) from a web link? I mean, I have a detail page of a link (with title, description, tags and preview) but how could I show the site preview from the link?? Thank you so much. 
  • Mp3 Preview Player

    By Flexx in the group Plugin Development
    I was wondering if there is any plugin that would allow users to preview mp3 files that have been uploaded on a user's website? I saw one but its for 1.7
  • Tinymce problem

    By charlie in the group Feedback and Planning
    When using subcripts and superscripts on extended tinymce plugin, they appear correctly on the preview but when a member views the post they appear as follows: x2 or x^2. The same thing you get when you copy equations from office word to notepad....
  • Logout on blog preview 1.7.4

    By gnyma in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Hi all! I'm running Elgg 1.7.4 and every time I preview a blog post, it logs me out and tell me that I need to be logged in to view the page. (it's also documented here). Here's a run down of what happens: Steps to reproduce: -Loggin as...
  • River Extended (url preview)

    By Pedro Prez
    Extend your river, this will allow you to:    -preview the urls sites you add.    -transform the texts preceded by # to a link (this will be searchable) ** TODO *** Cache the url to reduce the quantity of http requests...