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  • Kaltura using as a nearly independently service from elgg

    By MaddinB in the group Plugin Development
    Hello, I've got a question: I had the Idea to use kaltura not just for blog posts or other. I want to make it a video platform like, with elgg login (e-mail-address and password from elgg registered users). Maybe also so independent...
  • News Portal (plugins)

    By Antonio Arebalo in the group Elgg Technical Support
     I am developing a plugin that allows you to post news insitucionales on the site. Ideal for schools. The idea is: 1 - Create a closed group for several people to participate independently. 2 - Blog that group will be published on the...
  • Help

    By webnovice in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Dear All, I am looking for your help. I am at the idea stage on this project and am getting a vps soon. The idea is to develop a society that helps so it will be a social networkign site with an elearning platform built in. Would ELgg be able to...
  • FrameMe

    By Casey
    FrameMe plugin, version 0.2, by Casey. Based on the Facebook Inside plugin by maslinux ( Released under the GNU General Public License. This plugin places a link external to...