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  • Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin

    Tidypics Photo Gallery Plugin

     This is a support and development group for the Tidypics photo gallery plugin. It is a full-featured plugin for Elgg that is being actively developed. The Tidypics team is open to suggestions and contributions from other...
  • tidypics plus... more features for tidypics

    By ura soul
    extends the well known tidypics plugin for image galleries - adding new features and style.   == 1. Features ==   adds the following to tidypics:   * lists of image galleries are displayed using a vertical masonry effect...
  • jssor

    By shellcode
    A fast tiny slideshow for tidypics.  Automatically watch all your photos in a gallery.  Easily navigate to and from tidypics and Gallery Viewer. Touch Swipe by Finger/Mouse Responsive (scales to any size in real...
  • Miracle Banner Ads

    By Felixrubens
    Miracle Banner Ads é um plugin que fornece um banner rotativo em JQuery para a sidebar. A temática do plugin é bem simples e pode ser usado tanto para anúncios gráficos como para propagandas, podendo referir...
  • Image Orientation

    By Arck Interactive
    Images taken with orientation aware devices such as smart phones may render unexpectedly by default.  This plugin silently attempts to fix any rotated images during upload. Note that if the memory requirements for rotating the image exceeds...
  • Boards

    General Info Flash-based powerful Boards program for social sites. No Media Server Boards uses free Adobe Cirrus service for media connections that go directly from one user's application to the other one's without any media server...
  • Attaching An Image With A File

    By Crossover Magazine in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Uploading a file has never been an issue for me. But trying to insert an image during the "creation" or "edit" phase has got me stumped. I have created a specific images folder through ftp. But no matter what I do, Elgg can seem to locate the file,...
  • Photo Album?

    By Desnorlige in the group Elgg Technical Support
    Is there a way to hide filename of the photos in albumview. So it is only the photos is showing?
  • Blog Cover Photo

    By Cim
    Simple blog cover photo plugin Features Drag and drop Ajax upload Responsive Metadata blogcoverphoto_url Links Elgg Repository:
  • Pic's or Video's uploaded from mobile 'sideways or up side down?'

    By social-mice in the group Beginning Developers
    Hi, I'm fairly new to elgg and have been developing my network for a work site using 1.8.16 with some plugins like mobilise,Gdocs,News,grouptools..nothing to fancy at the moment.I have come across a problem which is very frustrating and I do not...