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  • By iionly
    browser - and must be allowed to be created in the first place - for the persistent login to work.
  • By Steve Clay
    @Akhilesh: Elgg 1.7 does not create persistent connections (it uses mysql_connect). If you insist
  • By mick
    workaround, I've changed the line $persistent = get_input("persistent", false); in login.php to $persistent
  • By Zakary Venturo
    or restart in firefox safemode and see if the problem is persistent.
  • By DhrupDeScoop
    persistent per process for mysql which is not the same as the mysql max connections; that socket file ?! not
  • By Matt Beckett
    form.  Elgg does have a persistent login "remember me" checkbox, maybe educate your users to use
  • By Team Webgalli
    public. You dont need to do such complicated coding. Just use get_entity($guid). The "persistent" in the
  • By fiend
    doesnt seem to be persistent, so if you close or wait a while you will need to re-login and thats just
  • By jon666
    ;       <input type="checkbox" name="persistent" value="true" /> 
  • By Univision
    , but I have a persistent spammer 'Lovefly' who is apparently very active in the Elgg community