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  • GPL contributers wanted for premium users project

    By Dries in the group Plugin Development
    Hey,I would like to work with the community to achieve a plugin that seems to be needed for a big part of the community and where no good up to date and efficient alternatives are available for at the moment.We have 2 very good frameworks atm to...
  • Elgg + Fundraising

    By s_pinz in the group General Discussion
    Hi, i need to create a fundraising site with elgg and i'd like to use paypall. there is a plugin that can i use? i look among the avaiable ones but i have not found anything. thanks
  • Membership dues

    By johnsmith in the group Plugin Development
    I would like to see a plugin developed for members only Elgg websites.  When a member registers for an account, they must first pay a membership due in order to gain access to the community.  It could either be a lifetime membership which...
  • PayPal ipn registration

    By iconMatrix in the group General Discussion
    Hi Everyone,I have been looking but it eludes me at the moment. Has anyone used PayPal's ipn feature with elgg registration. I need to implement it to our registration process. Manual operation with PayPal is great for registration on a small scale...
  • Paypal Subscription

    By PaulD in the group Professional Services
    Hi Guys,   I must say I have used elgg for over 1 week now and have managed to build a fantastic feature rich site that looks the way I want it, using most of your lovely plugins (thanks to all who support new elggs like me) however...
  • Donation

    By slyhne
    What it does: Gives you a donation widget for your Elgg site. Handles Paypal and/or bank tranfers (just the account number) Right click on any user icon (or on their profile) to mark them as a donator A page where all donators to your...
  • PayPal Plugin?

    By Kane in the group Plugin Development
    I am planning on writing a PayPal plugin because I haven't seen one out there yet.  I'll try to make it extensible but for my purposes it just needs to be able to accept payment for different account types.  I'll have a "free" account...